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Re: Letter to an IRS employee  Nick Collins
 Apr 15, 2008 21:30 PDT 

Great letter. I have also enclosed the letter I sent in to the IRS this year:


To Whom It May Concern:

Due to the continuing occupation and violence being committed in our
name, and due to the war of aggression against Iraq which was began by
our US government in March of 2003, I cannot, in good conscience,
participate in financing these actions. And since any financial
participation to the federal government is fungible, I am unable to
pay any of my federal tax due for 2007.

A war of aggression against another people is the supreme crime. This
crime has many costs:
- Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people dead
- Over 4000 US troops dead
- Over 80,000 maimed and wounded US troops
- Millions of Iraqi refugees and orphans
- Increased the likelihood of terrorism, according to CIA
- $5 billion every month of taxpayer money

Our country is fighting an illegal war in violation of the rule of
international law, and the Charter of the United Nations. The United
Nations Charter is a treaty of the United States, and as such forms
part of the "supreme law of the land" under the Constitution, Article
VI, Clause 2. It is my belief that my government's military aggression
would not be possible without the American people's willing
participation in paying their federal taxes. If these circumstances do
not warrant a nation's citizens to take such actions, then there are
no such circumstances.

Total Tax Due: $10,115
Payment Included: $0

Nicholas Collins

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 6:32 PM, doug mackenzie <ddmack-@gmail.com> wrote:
 here's our letter to an IRS employee:

April 15, 2008

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Fresno, CA

Re:            Conscientious Objection to War Taxes

Dear IRS employee:

We hereby advise you that we cannot in good conscience pay federal taxes
that support terrorist wars.

Innocent lives are being taken all over the globe at the hand of the federal
government. This is most glaringly notable in Iraq and Afghanistan but is
happening in many places and to diverse peoples. This continues in
contravention of the principles set forth in the US Declaration of
Independence, the US Constitution and in international law.

War is terrorism with a large budget and the Bush administration and the
complicit Congress eagerly employ countless billions in taxes to pay the
way. Our interactions with our Congressional "representatives" reveal a
group complicit in the terrorist state; a group more interested in promoting
the agendas of lobbyists, moneyed interests and dealers in perquisites than
in serving the people; a people in need of peace and an environment able to
sustain future generations.

We will not stand by as lives are taken. We will not support the killing of
people and the destruction of societies. We conscientiously, openly and
whole-heartedly object to this killing. We actively refuse to participate
in this killing by resisting federal tax collection.

We work for a day when war is no longer, when there is peace among people,
and love, community and cooperation in the world.

Douglas E. Mackenzie
Maureen D. Mackenzie
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