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If 40% of Americans paid no federal income tax, how would you suggest
they resi
 David M. Gross
 Sep 19, 2008 13:46 PDT 

Currently, about a third of American households pay no federal income tax at
all. A report just put out by the Tax Foundation has analyzed the McCain and
Obama tax plans and says that each of them would increase the percentage of
households who pay no federal income tax to above 40%.

This suggests a couple of things to me:

1) When we encounter an anti-war/militarism activist who's in the
income-tax-paying 60%, we ought to be able to say "come now, get with the

2) But we need to have something to say when we encounter an activist in the
non-income-tax-paying 40%. It may be difficult to recruit someone into war
tax resistance when most of our literature concerns a tax that a lot of folks
aren't paying anymore (and most of the rest concerns the phone tax, which is
also losing its relevance as people switch to cell phones & internet
telephony & such).

The Obama/McCain tax plans are still just campaign-related proposals that may
never be enacted, but it still might be a good idea for war tax resisters to
consider ways of refining their messages so as to take some of the emphasis
off of the federal income tax and instead cover the whole spectrum of ways
people fund the government and its policies.

-- David Gross

See: http://sniggle.net/Experiment/index.php?entry=19Sep08 for info on the
new Tax Foundation study.
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