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Re: Need some WTR energy...  edag-@verizon.net
 Mar 30, 2009 20:03 PST 

It may be a time not for demonstrations and raising the WTR barricades
but rather for teach-ins, dialogue with other groups in quieter
educational efforts: pamphlets & study groups rather than leaflets &

Some joint efforts that come to mind:

- WTR as a way to stall military aid to Israel, as part of jvp.org
boycott/divestment actions

- WTR and financial/labor redirection as part of Caterpillar job actions.

- Working the WTR response to misallocation into
anarchist/anti-elite-globalization actions.

- WTR as it relates to the theft of civil-society reconstruction money
   that was/is supposed to go to places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

- Some charismatic congregations have taken up the ecological cause.
They might be ready to study how their misused tax dollars relate to
the degradation of the environment.

Not just tabling, but working with such groups to prepare, distribute
& teach in-detail materials about the effect of misallocated taxes,
labor, and resources on issues relating to the other groups' specific

A problem: The way things are going, many of the target audiences,
which would otherwise be sympathetic to WTR, will probably have
little or no tax liability. In fact people will be relying on the
government to help them through tough times. Will someone soon have to
write a how-to article on "WTR in a time of no taxes"? HTH ed
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