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leafleting today  Heather Snow
 Apr 15, 2009 13:19 PDT 

HI All, well, I have to say I am VERY depressed. I started at the Post
Office alone handing out the fliers about where our tax dollars go. The
MAJORITY of people walked away from me, or told me to get lost. I gave
up there and went to the Tea Party Rally. What a mistake. People
handed back the fliers to me and again the MAJORITY of folks there
didn't believe in War Tax Resistance or taking a stand where their taxes
go! They said "pork barrel" was our problem and "terrorists"...they
were military people and god fearing Christians. I had a woman tell me
"look at what's happening now with those pirates"..."we need our
military"...I told her about the story I read last night and heard on
Democracy Now about who those pirates were, and she poo-pooed me. One
man flat out told me to "get out of here". So, I did...like a puppy
with her tail between her legs. I've forgotten how many people are in
support of the military and apparently don't mind that they are funding
it. I realized again today, that I am not a patriot, I do not believe
in the United States of America, I don't say the pledge or sing the
songs. I am not a Christian either. I don't believe in supplicating
God, so we can have all our stolen freedoms. I am so discouraged I'm
ready to denounce the human race. I think we are lost, and we aint
comin' back. What is the point of our struggle when so many support the
system? I'm glad I know you all, and I'm glad to be part of a group who
stands for real life! You all are great, the rest suck! Not very
"spiritual" of me, and yes, I see the great divide in this
world...always have...it has never changed. we live in a world of
twisted people...some love life, and the majority kill it.

I'm going to find a cave......

Heather Snow
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