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Re: Banks  Christopher Toussaint
 Oct 31, 2010 12:34 PST 

To use a war analogy, in this case for nonviolent resistance, one must sometimes go behind enemy lines, use their infrastructure to infect transformational memes into the dominant society, get a hold of their "ammunition" and use it against them. We are a minority, guerillas who must be grounded in integrity and street smarts. After all, if we are forced to live in poverty and/or keep our cash in our mattresses, haven't we compromised ourselves beyond the point of sacrifice, where we become ineffective in changing the greater community toward peace?

In my case, using the banks to keep small amounts of money to pay by check and debit card, makes my life easier and I am more productive in the work I do on behalf of creating a more just and sustainable society. Its not hard to change banks periodically if you want to do that to keep the IRS from pilfering your accounts since they are often months and even years behind in their collection process. Just make sure you have a good reason to change banks, other than evasion of IRS collections, like the bank service fees are too high or their percentages of interest are no longer high enough or you have moved, etc.

I am aware of the Federal Reserve fiat money situation and yes, in an ideal world, "Stop Using Banks" and trading in silver and gold coins might be preferred. But this discussion needs to focus more on strategies for keeping our money out of the reaches of the IRS and not on just blanket statements that are not always practical to most WTRs.

On Oct 31, 2010, at 12:05 PM, Randy Belmont wrote:

I am very puzzled why WTR‚s use banks. Most banks are members of the
Federal Reserve Banking System and if they are not members they are
tributaries, in that they must follow all regulations and are beholding
to the Fed. Why would anyone who refuses to voluntarily fund war do
business with these people? The funding of America‚s empirical wars is
brought about through the fiat money creation machine known as the
Federal Reserve.
Stealing ones money from a bank account is the simplest and easiest
strategy for the IRS. I read over and over the same scenario of funds
being stolen from bank accounts. Yet, people continue to patronize these
institutions. There is no law requiring one to use banks or keep money
deposited in the bank. Please STOP USING BANKS!

NOTE: opinions expressed in posts to wtr-s are those of the author and do not express the position of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (www.nwtrcc.org), which maintains this list solely for the purpose of providing a public forum for war tax resisters and friends.
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