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RE: Impressive More Than a Paycheck front page!  NWTRCC
 Oct 10, 2011 13:14 PDT 
Thanks, Daniel.

I was marching around DC Thurs – Saturday though I had headed out before the Saturday march to the Air and Space Museum. I did offer a WTR session on Saturday a.m. and 8-10 interested people turned up on the Plaza for that, with others wandering by and listening here and there. It was just an hour – lots going on of course. I met a couple long time resisters on our list during those days which was good, but I can’t say there was a WTR presence. Despite our endorsement of the Oct 6+ actions and various notices and emails about it, just a couple of the DC folks were around at different times. I took a banner, but after Thursday usually had no one to hold the other end. Ah well.

As opposed to Wall Street, the DC actions, http://october2011.org, were set up by individuals connected with more established groups though the organizers had hoped months ago it would turn into an occupation. There’s an “Occupy DC” which was in a different park and more an offshoot of Wall St. I didn’t get over there mostly because I was busy at Freedom Plaza when I was there, but those folks marched over to us at times and others joined up. Maybe they will join together now, but there was definitely an occupation group developing for Freedom Plaza. The police were letting people sleep there overnight as long as they didn’t put up tents, but on Saturday they started with tents and I haven’t followed the detail since. Interesting anyway. Lots of Vets for Peace, Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, Military Families Speak Out, some tar sands activists, and many stray people wandering in to take a look or be supportive.

People were a bit more focused on “occupation” than taking a lot of lit, but the nonviolence training that Starhawk offered was pretty well attended. Some workshops bigger, some smaller than mine. Some people just putting up a sign to say “stop and talk about _____.”

Lots of just hanging around. And marching – the first day past the White House to the Chamber of Commerce and chanting about jobs. Friday a good march and rally about drones in front of General Atomics, a drone contractor, then participating in a tar sands demonstration at the state department when they were having some hearing on the topic, then a march to the new MLK Memorial with more focus on war, then to an evening program at a church organized by WRL and other groups called “War Voices” where I had a WTR table and some conversations with folks, and the workshop Saturday a.m.

It was ok to be there. This was on our agenda pre-Wall street but at times I felt I could do as much in NYC. I did participate in one of the big marches here in NYC last week and we handed out hundreds of pie charts as fast as you could give them out.

In DC, as in NYC, there are many signs on many issues – lots of creativity. I see the tax issue connecting many and talked about that with folks when I could. In DC the “end the war” was more a focus than here in NYC, but many of us will keep bringing that issue in.

As WTRs I hope many of you are or will be out on occasion to your local occupation or support action and have a sign about WTR. It’s of interest to many – even if not so much those who are occupying as those who participate in the support actions but are in the system somehow. The new energy is exciting. We’ll talk in Kansas City about what folks are seeing and how WTR fits into it. Are the times changing? Who knows but we’ll hope to help keep the momentum going and forcing the media to talk about the money and the war and the needs going unmet.

Just a few random thoughts for now. Interested to hear from other places.


Ruth Benn, Coordinator

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

PO Box 150553

Brooklyn, NY 11215


<http://www.nwtrcc.org> www.nwtrcc.org

<http://www.wartaxboycott.org> www.wartaxboycott.org

From: Daniel Woodham [mailto:danielw-@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 8:57 AM
To: wtr-@igc.topica.com
Subject: [wtr-s] Impressive More Than a Paycheck front page!

Kudos to Ruth for the latest edition of More Than a Paycheck featuring Larry Rosenwald's inspiring WTR Manifesto and the hard-hitting poem by Marge Piercy "Buyer Beware". This front page is not only inspiring with its message and pertinence to our current day war making v. degrading economy but is also a call to action. War Tax Resistance (or Refusal) makes lots of sense right now and I think the masses might be more open to considering it given the dire conditions many now find themselves living with in the US. Thanks to Dave Gross for the listserve message detailing the Spain folk's WTR booklet saying much the same thing as Larry's Manifesto. And how does all this fit in with Occupied Wallstreet? We only need remember that the US government makes most of its money through weapons sales and that defense contracting along with weapons manufacture ARE much of economic trade in this country. In the US we largely base our economy on war making.

Daniel Woodham
Farm Manager
Goat Lady CSA

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