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 Yogi Hari
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Newsletter  Lori Bain
 Nov 08, 2003 07:24 PST 


For anyone who is on the topica newsletter, it is not necessary to
be on both. Everything posting on topica will be posted here as
well. BUT what is posted on the yahoo group is not on topica.
Nov 7 - 21 - TTC at yogi hari's ashram.
the next 2 week TTC residential program will be June 18 - July 2 2004
Also offered: 6 weekend TTC program: 2004 - Jan 23, 30, Feb 6, 13,
20, 27
Sampoorna Advanced Yoga Teachers Certification Course (SYATTC)
2003 - Nov 21 - Dec 12

for further information please contact the ashram, or visit the
Yogi Hari's Ashram
Karma means "action". "As you sow, so shall you reap" . This means,
depending on the nature of our actions, sooner or later we will have
to harvest the bitter or sweet fruits of our deeds, in this life or
the next one.

Our actions can either free us or enslave us. All action motivated
by egoistical desire, by greed, lust, envy, jealousy, fear, anger or
hatred creates a negative impression and pollutes the mind. It takes
us away from the purpose of life which is the peace and internal
freedom brought about by a purified mind.

On the contrary, all selfless, altruistic action which develops
love, compassion, forgiveness cleanses our mind, and brings us
closer to our goal. Then it is Karma Yoga. To develop a strong and
noble personality, the present and past Masters encourage us to work
without egoism and with detachment, without being obsessed by
results and rewards.

The contact with the world enables us to see, as in a mirror, where
we are within our evolution (fear, egocentrism, greed etc.). We can
therefore use the responsibilities that we have assumed to improve
and lighten our heart and spirit. All work undertaken in this manner
prepares us for real meditation. If we spend our time in negativity,
we cannot hope to compensate by a few moments of meditation and an
hour of postures or pranayama, especially if the practice is done in
a spirit of competition or to swell our pride!

During a course of Sampoorna Yoga, at Yogi Hari's ashram,
opportunity is given to experience and apply the principles of Karma
Yoga. As in all ashrams, the custom is to allocate a little time
each day to the inevitable daily "chores", cleaning, dishwashing,
cooking, and upkeep of all sorts. The participants are therefore
invited to share a little of their time and know-how in the spirit
of Karma Yoga. It is fascinating to see to what extent the internal
attitude is important. Through the practice of this complete yoga,
once the mind has been harmonised and balanced through meditation,
chanting, study of sacred texts and Hatha Yoga, the little daily
tasks take on a new dimension: they become only another form of
postures or meditation. We come to realise that there is no border
between formal practice and daily life: the WHOLE LIFE IS YOGA!
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