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a botanisher aroysfor in Bruklin mit Yugntruf, dem 16tn oktober 2005  Yugntruf
 Oct 06, 2005 07:37 PDT 


     Kumt mit Yugntruf af a shpatsir in der sheyner, harbstiker natur,
inem brukliner botanishn gortn (www.bbg.org). Banutst zikh derbay mit
D"r Mordkhe Shekhters nay bikhl Di geviksn-velt in yidish (YIVO 2005)
tsu identifitsirn un arumredn beymer, kustes, kveytn un peyres--alts af

     Tsayt: zuntik dem 16tn oktober 2005, 2:00 nokh mitog. (Mir veln
pinktlekh onheybn, vayl der gortn farmakht zikh shoyn 4:30 nokh mitog.)

     Ort: der brukliner botanisher gortn, 1000 Vashington-evenyu, baym
gortn-arayngang vos lebn dem brukliner kunstmuzey. Fort mit der unterban
2 oder 3, bizn opshtel "Eastern Parkway/ Brooklyn Museum". Busn: B41,
B43, B48, B71.

     Dem brukliner botanishn gortns araygang-prayz: $5. Eltere mentshn
un studentn: $3. Unter 16 yor: bekhinem!

     Oyb ir vilt mitgeyn afn shpatsir, zayt azoy gut, lozt visn in
foroys Shmoyl Naydorf un Leye Robinson, 212-663-2069, Cnyd-@aol.com


                                             PLANT WALK     
     Join Yugntruf on a beautiful fall nature-walk in the Brooklyn
Botanic Garden (www.bbg.org), using Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter's new book
Plant Names In Yiddish (YIVO 2005) to identify and talk about trees,
shrubs, flowers and fruit--all in mame-loshn!

     Time: Sunday, October 16, 2005, at 2:00 p.m. (We will start
promptly, because the garden closes at 4:30 p.m.)

     Place: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1000 Washington Avenue, at the
garden entrance which is next to The Brooklyn Museum of Art. Take the 2
or 3 subway train to the stop "Eastern Parkway/ Brooklyn Museum". Buses:
B41, B43, B48, B71.

     Admittance to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: $5. Seniors and
students: $3. Under 16: free!

     If you would like to come on the walk, please let Shmoyl Nydorf and
Leye Robinson know in advance: 212-663-2069, Cnyd-@aol.com
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