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Move Your Existing List to Topica – It’s Fast. It’s Easy. And It’s FREE!

Whether you recently started a list, or already host one with thousands of subscribers, bringing your list to Topica is a smart move. Here’s why:

You get: free, reliable hosting, superior customer service, powerful list tools, security, privacy, list promotion options and more.
Your subscribers get: searchable message archives, online reading and posting, a free ‘My Topica’ page and more.

And, moving your list is quick and easy! If you're eager to get going and your list has less than 1000 subscribers, move it yourself! If your list has over 1000 subscribers, or if you'd like some help, we'll do it for you. Either way it's still totally FREE!

Do It Yourself

To move your list, simply create your new list at Topica, and then import your current subscribers. It’s that easy!

We’ll Do It For You

Our list owner account reps are waiting! You’ll hear back from them in 1 business day. Here’s what they’ll need from you:

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